Restoration of Tehran Former Military Airport


It is considered to shape a new conception for the future of Tehran by reproduction of memory in forgotten 300-hectare land. The area of the land equals to 1/200 times the area of Tehran which highlights the important role of the Ghale Morghi area in vision of the metropolitan Tehran. Creation of the public space with integrated property for
reproduction of the immaterial goods (science, services, art and affection) for holding large-scale events befitting the capital are the main issues from the vision of the project. In addition, creating a tolerant and flexible environment to attract the creative class will result in the development of the land and its adjacent urban fabric; this is also a great effort in planning and visioning of such a huge project. Since the land is considered as world trade center according to Tehran Master Plan, this project is intended to elaborate the zoning by using 300 hectare land as a public realm for
the 1200 hectare world trade center.