Mehr Shahr 210 Apartment



Apartment 210, with 11 residential units and total area of 2500 square meters has constructed in a land of 1000 square meters in the second phase of Mehrshahr district in Karaj. Unit‘s area varies from two-bedroom 115 square meters to three-bedroom 210 square meters. Construction of this project began in summer 2012 and was completed in spring 2014.
Mehrshahr could be named as the only survivor of urban garden fabrics of karaj city, but this district has not been kept intact from damages of dense urban development. However Mehrshahr still is considered as one of the highest quality urban fabrics of karaj due to existence of gardens and green networks as well as lack of construction.
The main problem of this neighborhood is the rapid development and increasing human density in emerging apartment buildings as well as changes in urban spaces. Accordingly, housing quality improvement of medium-density residential apartments is delineated as the most important question of the project and general and detailed ideas are proposed to respond to this issue by architectural solutions. Therefore it has been attempted to improve quality and quantity of spaces, versus masses, in public and private realms by studying the projects context as well as combination and balance between mass and building space. Also better response to various social, cultural, economic needs of residents is provided by a variety of housing patterns and structures.