Mehrshahr 111 Apartment

2nd Place, Memar 96 


The green axis of the 111 street, as one of the main networks of Mehrshahr, penetrates and spreads throughout the complex. This green structure, in a way, resembles the old garden-alleys with green spots that border-lined between adjacent units and resulted in a coexistence between the green spaces and residential spaces that defiantly improved both.

Green spaces and gardens are one of the main elements of the Mehrshahr residential complex. Therefore the locating of the mass in the green yard was one of the main challenges of this project. Not only is the mass challenge solved with the consideration of old trees and valuable vegetation but also the whole project is designed in a way that causes the least harm possible to this green spaces in the yard.

In addition and for the development of the green spaces…

Another element of the project design is the importance of the view and the lighting of the apartments. Based on the studies on the view and because of the existence of negative points (a ten-story apartment mass in the south of the project) and using the existing potentials (a green mass in the southern east of the project) the southern front of the project mass, and in other words the southern apartments, with a 20 degree rotation both use the green mass and avoid the building. The rotation of the plan has resulted in rectangular balconies in the façade. Therefore the main façade of the building mixed with the rotated main mass of the building has converged in open balconies.

In addition to the view problem, the rotation of southern apartment has provided a great opportunity for supplying the light and the direct view of northern buildings.