Nahjolbalaghe Park Development & Completion


Farahzad River Valley is a ten-kilometer long north-south natural axis that is located in the north west of Tehran. Three urban sequences are proposed to connect the abandoned areas of the river valley to the city:


  1. The Urban Park (Between Niayesh Highway and Eyvanak Boulevard)
  2. The Sport Park (Between Hakim Highway and Marzdaran Boulevard)
  3. The Culture Park (Between Marzdaran Boulevard and Jalal-e- Ale Ahmad Highway)


The first sequence (the Urban Park) is under construction which is a 30-hectare land located between dense green natural fabric from north and the 1st phase of Nahjolbalaghe Park. In other words, this could be seen as a transition area from natural to urban spaces which is comprised of four development zones:


  1. East Development
  2. West Development (The Skate Park)
  3. The Art Garden
  4. The Rock-climbing Park